È l'etica del produttore, trasformatore, distributore e il rispetto verso il consumatore che richiedono una etichettatura trasparente. Mario Pianesi

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-The quality is transparent-
Knowing what we eat today makes the difference.
It is a responsibility that each of us must take for our own health.
Taino is born from the passion towards the earth and its fruits, towards those who cultivate it with love.
Taino allows you to feed yourself with respect and awareness.
Let's imagine a world of health.
You always know what you eat and you have no surprises at the table!
Produce without secrets.
You know exactly who the producer is, where he is and how many people have worked for you!
The only thing we add to food is respect.
You know for sure if pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, etc. have been used
Nutrition is a gift that must be respected.
You know that those who produced each food, thought of you and took care of your needs.

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-Transparent Label-


La crema spalmabile Ciobacca è composta da: Cioccolato Fondente (45%), Pasta di Nocciole (35%), Olio di semi di sesamo non raffinato (20%). Non sono presenti ingredienti chimici o provenienti da filiere convenzionali.


The real food has no secrets