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Cus Cus

Cus Cus



Our farmers are encouraged to practice MA-PI Polyculture®. This means using self-reproduced seeds of old plant varieties, restoring the environment by planting hedges and rows of fruit trees, practicing crop rotation and green manuring, avoiding burning of unharvested plant parts, and more. MA-PI Polyculture® is a form of agriculture that is highly sustainable and has a low environmental impact, especially when compared to other modern farming techniques (organic and conventional farming). The low environmental impact of MA-PI Polyculture® has been demonstrated in several scientific studies (Lucia Mancini, Food Habits and Environmental Impact: an Assessment of the Natural Resource Demand in Three Agri-Food Systems; Books of Proceedings of the Conferences on Pianesian Sustainable Development and MA-PI Polyculture, several editions, Sapienza University of Rome).


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