È l'etica del produttore, trasformatore, distributore e il rispetto verso il consumatore che richiedono una etichettatura trasparente. Mario Pianesi

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Taino was established to give you quality products with transparent information

Taino was established to bring only food from secure sources with the highest level of traceability to every table.
Ethics, product culture, control and reliability have made this company one of the most reliable reference points for a healthy diet.

Taino does not have a mission: it is a mission to offer the most sensitive and demanding people products that do not harm their health, in the hope of being able to educate the consumer to pay greater attention and exercise more awareness in their dietary choices.

Taino guarantees the best quality by carefully selecting, product by product, the cultivation environments and every single stage of production, processing and packaging, with optimal quality / price ratios.
Taino is in constant touch with their farmers to search out the safest cultivation practices, traditional systems and tools and rediscover ancient seed varieties that give the best performances (organoleptic and nutritional).
Taino promotes and disseminates polyculture, where possible, by training of farmers to continuously improve crops, by planting hedges and vines, using ancient self-reproducing seeds, green fertilising techniques, plowing, etc. …

It is the ethics of the producer, transformer and distributor and the respect for the consumer that require transparent labeling