È l'etica del produttore, trasformatore, distributore e il rispetto verso il consumatore che richiedono una etichettatura trasparente. Mario Pianesi

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Transparent Label

Transparent Label


Transparent labeling has made an unparalleled standard of classification and communication of the origin of a food product possible.
The label brings together all the information concerning the environment, the processes, the type of crop and the work force used to produce a food item in a chronological and simple manner.
It is the clearest and most universally recognised index of quality, sustainability and traceability of the raw material on the market.

Using Transparent Labeling means giving consumers guarantees of traceability, over the whole of the supply chain so that they can exercise their right to feed themselves in a conscious manner respecting the environment and their health, resulting in a sustainable economy for all.
Transparent Labeling is an idea that is both simple and innovative, which is receiving increasing attention and success in many areas of application.

It is recognized by the Senate of the Italian Republic and by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and it has been rewarded by many trade associations for consumer protection as the best food labeling, in the medical field as an effective tool for the prevention of chronic-degenerative diseases and as a precious ally of the law enforcement agencies in the fight against fraud in the food sector.

We work according to nature
You know that crops, processes and methods are natural, without compromise
Food is health
You know for sure if pesticides, insecticides and herbicides have been used.
It allows you to choose a simple, healthy and genuine diet.
You know you will have a balanced, healthy and genuine diet.
All done well
You know there are no dumps or factories near the production areas.
Producing without secrets
You know exactly who the producer is, where they are and how many people have worked for you.
It is true nutrition
You know that those who produced each food item, thought of you and took care of your needs.

Transparent Labeling, a closer look

The Transparent Label contains information relating to the origin of the seed, the source of the product, the type and identification of the soil and the methods of cultivation, the transformation of the product, the number of employees involved in processing, the date of harvesting and packaging of the raw material, the steps of the supply chain from the field to the shelf, impact on energy consumption and the original price of the raw material (per kilo).